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Open Letter to President-elect Barack Obama Regarding Former 9/11

Posted by kelliasworld on November 10, 2008

Dear President-elect:

Congratulations on your inspiring and momentous victory. Now the great
burden and opportunity of leadership falls upon you and your team,
including the responsibility of choosing someone ideally suited to lead
the way to restore the rule of law and the Constitution in these United

A profile published today in The New York Times
<> reports
that your transition staff may be considering nominating former 9/11
Commission Jamie Gorelick to the post of Attorney-General. I am writing
to urge you in the strongest possible terms not to do so. This
recommendation from your transition team should they put her name
forward must be rejected. She, along with the Commission’s Executive
Director, Philip Zelikow were the two most highly compromised of the
9/11 Commission members; their conflicts of interest should have
disqualified them from being members of the Commission. In fact their
records relative to 9/11 should have made them sworn witnesses in the
investigation itself. Jamie Gorelick was not the right pick for the 9/11
Commission and she is not the right person to fill the position of
Attorney General.

As Deputy AG Jamie Gorelick was instrumental in the extradition to
Jordon of Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, a known terrorist where he was later
freed (see below). Later she wrote the infamous “wall memo” which sought
to make life difficult for FBI investigators probing past terrorist
crimes from counter-intelligence agents seeking to prevent future
attacks. Then as Commissioner she presided over an investigation that
failed to answer over 70% of the questions posed by the 9/11 Family
Steering Committee
[BTW, This record should also disqualify former 9/11 Commissioner Tim
Roemer who some have said is being considered for Intelligence czar].
Then there is her work with the failed Fannie Mae which “she left just
as it was coming under fire for huge accounting failures,” as Eric
Lightblau wrote this morning for NY Times.

On the basis of her record, as Deputy AG, as 9/11 Commissioner, and with
Fannie Mae, Jamie Gorelick must be, in my view excluded from
consideration for the position of Attorney General or any other high
level position in your administration. No to Jamie Gorelick.


Kyle F. Hence

[Just what we need, a 9/11 cover-up artist who worked for Fannie Mae and left just before its troubles came to light! CHANGE? A change in faces maybe, but the same ol’ boys-and-girls network that got us where we are today–KR].


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