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Introducing Skyagunsta Pickens

Posted by kelliasworld on July 21, 2009

Skyagunsta Pickens is the pen name of Teresa Simon-Noble, 67, of Florida. Native Americans gave the name Skyagunsta, meaning “wise warrior” to her great-great-grandfather Andrew Pickens.  It means wise warrior. She was born in Cuba, the daughter of a Cuban father and an American mother whose family line has been in the United States since the Revolutionary War.

She has published several articles under her real name in Online Journal. She has also published in OpEdNews as TSN and as Elena Dumas. Many of these articles are critical of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. She has also published poetry under her real name in Poets Against the War.

Skyagunsta is a retired Family Therapist, a poet and someone who likes to think of herself as a Liberal. She believes in taxes for all for the good of all. Philosophy, literature and the understanding of the human being are three of Skyagunsta’s most beloved topics.


2 Responses to “Introducing Skyagunsta Pickens”

  1. jim richardson said

    My Great Grandfather’s name was Robert Mason Pickens. He was born Nov 1855 in Athens Tenn. Are we related?

    • K. Wavell said

      I am a great great great grandson of Andrew Pickens too. Not sure about Robert Mason Pickens, but may have a relation who may know. Send some info to me at and I will forward and see what we can find out.

      K. Wavell

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