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Hello Again!

Posted by kelliasworld on July 10, 2009

July 9, 2009

Yeah, I know…I’ve been away. Besides another bout of burnout from seeing so many important issues and not being able to deal with them all, I have had a few major changes in my personal life.

I am doing well health wise — not so great financially — but I am still stuck for the optimum blog set up. WordPress allows me to upload sound without putting limits on the size of each item. This is good because I have numerous radio pieces I would like to have all in one place. However, the audio has to be appended to a post rather than stacked in an .mp3 player. Ning let’s me stack my pieces in a player but limits each piece to 20 MB, which is a pain because I have to compress the hell out of my longer pieces and still I would have to break them up into parts, which is time consuming for me and also extra work for my listeners.

Do any of you have an idea as to where 1) I can stack audio in a single player so that my archives are easy to find 2) there is no limit size on individual pieces as opposed to a general limit on total MB’s of audio that can be uploaded to the site, 3) I can arrange them in whatever order I wawnt and ever change order and 4) is free?

Meanwhile, I will try to be better about updating this blog more frequently. I will generally use the following format: A news item followed by my reaction to it as I was doing toward the end. My longer format writing will go elsewhere.

My latest big piece of writing can be found at The topic is the real reason we don’t have single-payer, universal health care. I will announce topics on twitter, so watch for the twitter updates to this page. Left sidebar). You can also follow and friend


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