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Freedom Rider: White Christian Terrorists With Nuclear Materials Ignored?

Posted by kelliasworld on March 19, 2009

Original article associated artwork and video at Black Agenda Report

“Homeland security” seems to mean keeping the United States secure against threats from everyone except the White Right. In the Maine home of a rich acolyte of Hitler police found all the ingredients to make a “dirty bomb,” including “bomb-grade hydrogen peroxide, uranium, thorium (also radioactive), lithium metal, thermite, aluminum powder, beryllium (radiation booster), boron, black iron oxide and magnesium ribbon.” The possible WMD-maker was especially upset about Barack Obama’s election as president. White terrorists don’t make the news because ”the media and the nation’s political leadership remain committed to keeping quiet about their existence.”

“Cummings had all the ingredients needed to make a ‘dirty bomb.’”

If radioactive material was found in the home of a Muslim from a Middle Eastern nation, you would hear about it, a lot. On the other hand, when a Hitler-admiring white American millionaire purchases radioactive material from an American company, you don’t hear much about it at all.

James G. Cummings was a trust fund baby living in Maine before he was shot to death by his wife in December 2008. After the killing, police discovered containers filled with “bomb-grade hydrogen peroxide, uranium, thorium (also radioactive), lithium metal, thermite, aluminum powder, beryllium (radiation booster), boron, black iron oxide and magnesium ribbon.” In other words, Cummings had all the ingredients needed to make a “dirty bomb,” a conventional explosive containing radioactive materials.

Cummings spoke openly of admiring Hitler and claimed to possess Nazi memorabilia previously owned by his idol. His wife reported that he had been in contact with white supremacist groups, was “very upset about the election of Barrack Osama” and “mixed chemicals in the sink.” Cummings was also in possession of easily obtained literature that explains how to build dirty bombs.

The dearth of news about a man who had the materials and the know-how needed to produce a dirty bomb is outrageous but not at all surprising. In 2003 a white supremacist terror group was apprehended in Tyler, Texas in possession of more than 100 cyanide bombs. The FBI discovered this group only because a package filled with fake identification was mailed to the wrong address. While the Bush re-election effort kept Americans in a state of fear with dubious red, yellow and orange alerts, dumb luck prevented an actual terror plot from being hatched.
“Police discovered containers filled with “bomb-grade material.”

The Tyler group went unmentioned and unnoticed by the national corporate media. There was no analysis, no commentary from “terror expert” pundits on their activities, and no calls for congressional investigation.

The Cummings case is not an isolated one. Last July, a man named James Adkisson walked into a Unitarian Universalist church in Tennessee and shot two congregants to death before being subdued and arrested. He left a letter meant to be a suicide note and made clear that he targeted the denomination because of its political beliefs.

“Liberals are a pest like termites. Millions of them. Each little bite contributes to the downfall of this great nation. The only way we can rid ourselves of this evil is to kill them in the streets. Kill them where they gather. I’d like to encourage other like minded people to do what I’ve done. If life ain’t worth living anymore don’t just kill yourselves, do something for your country before you go. Go kill liberals!” Adkission also added, “How is a white woman having a niger baby progress” and “I’m protesting the DNC running such a radical leftist candidate. Osama Hussein OBama, yo mama. No experience, no brains, a joke. Dangerous to America. Hell, he looks like Curious George!”

The Adkisson political murders were not the last either. In February 2009 two Chilean exchange students were shot to death in Florida by Dannie Baker. Baker volunteered for the Bush-Cheney campaigns in 2000 and 2004 but later sent threatening letters to local Republican officials. “The Washington D.C. Dictators have already confessed to rigging elections in our States for their recruiting dictators to overthrow us with foreign illegals here, and have allowed them to kill and run for office in the States to extend their influence into our States.”

In another email Baker complained about plans to “. . . give our homeland to foriegn states and their representatives here in America. Lets exacute them and reinstate a legal government that will do something for us.” The emails were reported to local police but Baker’s threats were never investigated.
“Every day right wing talk radio and television hosts give credence to their belief that they have a right to kill because they are white and angry.”

The Baker and Adkisson cases are usually explained away as isolated cases of untreated mentally ill people that require no further explanation. These individuals are very sick, but they are given permission to hate and to act on their hatred. Every day right wing talk radio and television hosts give credence to their belief that they have a right to kill because they are white and angry. Adkisson specifically mentioned wanting to kill people deemed as enemies in conservative reporter Bernard Goldberg’s book, “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.”

Glenn Beck, is a right wing talk radio who said who said he wanted to kill Michael Moore and Dennis Kucinich but CNN gave him a television show anyway. After the ascendancy of Barrack Osama and the Democratic party, Beck fell out of favor with CNN but was then given yet another forum for his views on Fox news where he remains unrepentant in promoting his hate speech. After a recent shooting rampage in Alabama resulted in ten deaths, Beck said that he understood the motives of the murderer and blamed feelings of political alienation for the killings.

Glenn Beck: Yada yada yada. And every time they do speak out, they’re shut down by political correctness. How do you not have those people turn into that guy?

Bill O’Reilly: Well, look, nobody, even if they’re frustrated, is going to hurt another human being unless they’re mentally ill. I think.

Beck: I think pushed to the wall, you don’t think people get pushed to the wall?[italics mine]

It isn’t clear if the exchange was a staged good cop/bad cop routine, or if Bill O’Reilly is actually the voice of reason and sanity in comparison to Beck. Beck apparently thinks that feeling “pushed to the wall” by unspecified disenfranchisement is a license to kill. Most importantly, Beck has an audience in the millions and his every utterance encourages would be terrorists.
“Native born white Americans are hatching plots, big and small.”

There are new Timothy McVeighs in development right now. McVeigh was nearly forgotten after the September 11th attacks, but he should be remembered because he had as Adkisson says “like minded” supporters. While foreign born Muslims are under constant suspicion of plotting terror, native born white Americans are hatching plots, big and small, on a regular basis.

The national corporate media ignored the threat posed by the McVeighs of the nation until the attack on the federal building in Oklahoma City. Make no mistake, there are still people in this country who have been taught that being white and disgruntled means that they can do anything, including take the lives of others. The media and the nation’s political leadership also remain committed to keeping quiet about their existence. One day our luck will run out, and another Oklahoma City bombing will take place. When it happens the media will claim ignorance and say that they had no idea such people existed. They already know the answers to their feigned tortured questions, but as is so often the case, they have made a choice to keep us in the dark.

Margaret Kimberley’s Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR. Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)BlackAgandaReport.Com.
And they dare to call progressives “radicals”! Fomenting violence is neither patriotic, nor responsible journalism. Fox News and any other media organization that supports people like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh should be considered terrorist organizations.–K.R.


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