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Burn the FRN? I’ve got a better idea.

Posted by kelliasworld on November 30, 2008

Some folks in the End-The-Fed movement have come up with a new idea for protest. They want people to make videos of themselves burning a Federal Reserve Note (FRN) as a protest against the debt slavery this currency represents. (FRNs are the paper money you carry).

I agree we need monetary reform. However, as long as we have the rotten system we now have, it is useful to have these FRNs, lots of them, in fact.

So if protesters against the Fed don’t want their FRNs, they should not burn them, but rather, donate them to me. I can use unwanted FRNs to reduce my debts and maybe even invest in a little silver. Give me enough of them and I can share with some other debt slaves I know who are looking to buy their freedom. You have my word that I won’t use them to foment war, run drugs or bailout bankers!

Really, folks, burning FRNs is not as effective as using them against the system. And burning them pollutes the air because of the toxins in the ink.

Support H.R. 2755 to End The Fed!


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