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I voted!

Posted by kelliasworld on November 4, 2008

No drama. At about 1:15 pm PST. In a place called the Rotary Nature Center, where I have voting for many years. (I’ve lived at the same address for 20 years). I live in a racially mixed neighborhood near downtown Oakland, CA. I’m in a precinct of 1250 people and I was #303 to deposit my paper ballot into the Sequioa Voting Systems Optech insight optical scanner. The paper ballot has broken arrows you have to connect. You have to connect the broken arrow when you write-in a candidate, too. I had one write-in. I would prefer to make an X in a box. I am never sure about the thickness of the line or the fact that I cannot draw a straight line without a ruler and they don’t give you rulers at the polls. Everything went through smoothly but I still don’t trust it. How does it count both sides?

I heard one poll worker say that it had been busy in the morning, right when the polls opened at 7 am, but then it quieted down. Some people started coming in after me.

Voting is always quiet in my neighborhood. I have had to wait (3 people ahead of me) a couple of times over the last two decades, but not for this “election of a lifetime” as a local newspaper headline stated. I’m glad I have never had to face the hassles that are being reported today out of Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


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