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My World and Welcome to It!

Posted by kelliasworld on October 25, 2008

Hello. My name is Kellia Ramares. I’m a freelance journalist in Oakland, California. I have started this “No Pitch” journalism blog because I have grown very frustrated with business as usual for freelancers. We are advised not to waste time trying to sell what we write; rather, we should find out what sells and then write that. Pitching is basically asking permission to do what should come naturally to a writer (or radio producer, or videographer, etc.) And you get the permission only if you are willing to do it THEIR way. Their choice of people to interview, their angles, their time or space limits, their aesthetics. You end up doing for them what they don’t have the time or skill to do for themselves – and frankly their money isn’t that hot. I hate it!

A huge mistake, maybe a deliberate one in the capitalist system, is to recognize as work only that which is paid. Journalism is hard work. I’ve passed up stories I wanted to cover, or issues that I’ve wanted to comment on, because I didn’t see the money in it. Although I don’t consider myself very materialistic, I do have bills to pay. But I have found myself both poor and frustrated doing just the things that sell. On the other hand, I’ve also burnt out working hard on things that earned praise, but little or no money because there was only so far I could go doing the hard work of journalism for no pay and also having to scrape up paying work. If I were independently wealthy or adequately paid for my journalism, the burn out would not occur.

Here, I will approach journalism as an art form. The artist creates because that is the nature of being an artist. I am a multimedia journalist and I am going to cover my chosen topics, my way, figuring that the Internet has matured enough over the decade to enable me to find the natural audience for my work, some of whom will actually enjoy parting with some of their money to see it continue.

What you’ll get here is my particular dedication to global issues and holistic solutions. NO ID Politics! While I am not saying that discrimination, in all its Hydra-headed ugliness, has ceased to exist, I am saying that it is a symptom of something far worse. What function do racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. serve in the world? Who benefits from them? These questions interest me more than the story of who found a noose on their office door, or who’s family was broken up by an immigration raid. There are many other journalists who cover those stories well. If I do speak of a particular ID group, it will be related to a larger context. e.g. the principles of Islamic finance have enabled Islamic banks to weather the current banking crisis much better than Western banks. People interested in developing a new kind of economics that will avoid the woes of the current system should at least study Islamic finance to see what it offers. But they should study it not because it is Islamic (the ID-politics perspective), but because it works to foster stable economics.

Some posts will include audio or video. I do not confine myself to a particular “beat.” I consider myself more of a public affairs producer than a news reporter, so I will produce more commentary and analysis here than straight news. But I will also include straight news stories either as “fair use” or with permission of my colleagues, to serve an educational purpose or to serve as take off for discussion. You’re also invited to visit my video channel freedomnews for more news content.

I look forward to your input.


One Response to “My World and Welcome to It!”

  1. Looks good so far, Kellia.

    Best of luck with it.


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